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First Gidue Combat MX installed in Indonesia

March 19, 2013

Duta Warna is one of the biggest offset printers in the Indonesian pharmaceutical industry.

The first Gidue Combat MX has been installed in Indonesia. Duta Warna, one of the largest offset printers in the Indonesian pharmaceutical-packaging industry, was the first in the region to install the new MX. The Indonesian customer is a typical offset sheet-fed printer that was trying to expand its business by entering the labels market.

In June 2012, Gidue introduced a new line of press dedicated to start-up labels and packaging companies. The Combat MX offers a “ready-to-go” configuration; it is an eight-color UV Flexo 370 mm printing machine with cold foil and diecutting stations and a high number of printing tools (print and magnetic cylinders, anilox and varnish rollers). The machine offers the Flower flexo head and a unique ‘no-maintenance’ program: according to the company, the press requires no maintenance, no operator intervention and no specific greasing.

Ari Aswin Jap, production manager at Duta Warna, comments: “Gidue MX was a good investment in terms of quality and price, the press is incredibly handy and the Flower head is a miracle of simplicity and durability. Duta Warna comes from a sheet-fed offset background and, only thanks to Gidue narrow web inline machine, is now able to convert in one-step process. Gidue invented a very smart press, we were looking for such a product."