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Color-Logic tutorials now online

July 16, 2013

Tutorial subjects include illustrator graphic styles, visualization using the FX-Viewer, and more.

Color-Logic, developer of the Process Metallic Color System, now has tutorials online for on-demand usage by graphic designers, prepress personnel, advertising agencies, marketers, and brand management. 

Commenting on the tutorials, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "Because preparing files with the Color-Logic system involves concepts that are often counterintuitive, even to the most experienced graphic designers, the Color-Logic website now has a number of tutorials and archived webinars available for use at any time. The tutorial subjects include the Color-Logic Photoshop panel plug-in, Illustrator graphic styles, visualization using the Color-Logic FX-Viewer, and a complete Color-Logic system overview."

The Color-Logic tutorials may be found under the Support tab on the Color-Logic website,