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Graphic Products introduces custom UV watermark tapes

July 25, 2013

The tapes are designed to help protect companies against counterfeiting.

Graphic Products has introduced custom UV watermark tapes designed to help protect companies from counterfeits or product-swapping. Similar to a security hologram, these labels feature a nearly invisible watermark printed with fluorescing ink. When labels are exposed to UV, counterfeiting is revealed.

To create watermark labels, customers provide Graphic Products with an electronic image of their desired graphic or text. Within a week, customers can receive a supply of their custom UV watermark tape. For added security, use with tamper evident destructible tapes or tamper-evident "VOID" tapes.

An example of a potential UV watermark tape application is a counterfeit-thwarting application used by Tri-Met, Portland Oregon’s public transit provider. Tri-Met applies a special hologram tape to bus, commuter rail and street car passes. Without this device, crooks would be able to inexpensively color copy the bus passes and Tri-Met would lose $100 with each copy. As the hologram image cannot be reproduced by copiers, it is nearly impossible to counterfeit Tri-Met passes.

According to the company, watermark tapes can also be used for product labeling, equipment and computer identification, packaging security and many other theft and security protection applications including casino equipment labeling, asset tracking, visitor badges, and product prototypes.