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Japanese printer adds Gietz foil stamping unit

August 13, 2013

Takakuwa Bijyutsu's intricate labels can be seen on almost every rice wine bottle in Japan.

Takakuwa Bijyutsu Printing Co. Ltd is a traditional Japanese printing firm, producing exclusively wet glue labels. Their label products can be seen on almost every rice wine bottle in Japan.

The substrate used by Takakuwa often is traditional Japanese handmade paper, the printing and stamping of which is extremely demanding not to mention the sheet feeding process. The foil stamping of the finest characters, combined with embossing on a rough surface of handmade paper requires thorough expertise and calls for high quality stamping machinery, stamping dies and stamping foils.To meet their distinct foil stamping needs, the comany has announced the addition of a new Gietz FSA 870 Compact.

The Gietz FSA 870 complements the printer's the range of machinery at its plant in Isikawa Ken and adds the capability of foil stamping up to 560 x 870 mm size. Takakuwa’s decision to purchase a Gietz FSA 870 Compact was taken after intensive, complex trials in cooperation with Iwai Tsusho, Gietz's exclusive distributor in Japan.

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