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LYTASA amps up versatility with Colordyne 1600 press

November 14, 2013

The Colordyne Technologies 1600-PC Laser Pro digital label and tag printing press is expected to be installed in January.

Litografica y Tipografica America, S.A. de C.V. (LYTASA), based in Mexico City, says it is looking forward to the installation of a Colordyne Technologies (CDT) 1600-PC Laser Pro digital label and tag printing press in January 2014. The company says it strives to meet the high standards of printing that its customers and their companies need, and that purchasing a 1600-PC Laser Pro was a decision that will help LYTASA continue to reach that goal.
"We chose the Laser Pro because of the speed and versatility," says LYTASA president Javier Simon. "Also, we liked that the maintenance is very easy and can be done by our operator."

"The CDT 1600-PC Laser Pro allows users to save time with its fully equipped in-line digital printing, UV varnishing, laminating and laser die-cutting capabilities," CDT says. "The press offers the best in digital efficiency and cost effectiveness. With the combination of the highest resolution (1600 x 1200 dpi), fastest speeds (160 ft./min.) and lowest capital cost in the industry, the Laser Pro is the complete turnkey digital printing solution. Memjet technology allows for resolution using 1.2 pico liter ink droplets-the smallest in the industry."

"The press is going to give us the versatility we require to print short runs and variable data," Simon says.

"We are excited to see the CDT 1600-PC Laser Pro transform LYTASA's business," says Emily Kroll, senior global account executive at CDT. "One of the key benefits of this system is that there are no monthly maintenance contracts or click charges enabling the operator to maintain the press without any outside service contracts. In fact, this press is so productive that there is virtually no down time."
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