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MAXStick announces new X2 Colors

December 6, 2013

MAXStick X2 Colors utilize an 80 gram base material with a full adhesive pattern.

MAXStick Products Ltd. has announced the release of its newest product, 80 gram direct thermal, full-coverage adhesive MAXStick X2 Colors.

"Building off the success of our 55 gram center and double side edge adhesive color products, MAXStick X2 Colors utilizes an 80 gram base material with a full adhesive pattern that increases the long term durability and water resistance of the label in the harshest of environments," the company says. "The full coverage adhesive colors product line offers a more permanent label option and presents the opportunity to provide color-coding options where a more robust tack is required."

Like the original MAXStick Colors, these labels offer flexibility with several different sizes and colors. The company says these easy-to-see labels are ideal for a variety of applications such as departmental inventory, building and safety inspections, barcoding and daily classification systems for quick identification.

MAXStick X2 Colors are currently available in six colors: Pink, Canary, Orange, Violet, Green and Blue.

MAXStick X2 Colors retains the same silicone-free liner and release coating as our other MAXStick products to ensure there will be no harmful effects to the printer or print head. It is also environmentally friendly and meets several green standards in that it is recyclable, biodegradable and BP-A Free.
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