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Fujifilm lauches XMF Remote 9.5

December 11, 2013

Enhancements include a new user interface-based HTML5 platform.

Continuing its workflow successes, Fujifilm North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division, has introduced XMF Remote 9.5, the latest version of its online print job management system.

Fujifilm says it understands that workflow is a crucial function that sits at the heart of every print operation, whether offset, digital or a combination of the two. The right workflow is an opportunity to streamline a print shop, to automate the work and to impact the bottom line.

Part of Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow and Production Management Suite, XMF Remote allows both print companies and print buyers to directly and quickly submit and approve jobs for printing. Once approved in XMF Remote, jobs are sent to XMF Workflow for automatic print production.

“With XMF, Fujifilm has introduced a great product into the market. I can see the David and Goliath story coming to fruition in the marketplace of production workflows; and I wanted to be a part of it,” says Bill Kregel, prepress manager, Brown Industries, Inc., a Dalton, GA, USA-based provider of printing, product samples, design, workflow integration, and tactical direction. 

A significant improvement within XMF Remote 9.5 is a new user interface based on the HTML5 Platform, which gives brand owners the opportunity to take advantage of a safe and fully functional tool.

"Shifting the client-facing side of XMF Remote 9.5 to the HTML5 web interface provides users with a modern, feature rich alternative that doesn't suffer from security vulnerabilities. Java is still supported; however, thanks to HTML5, even companies with strict IT policies can now benefit from an easy to implement and open interface," says Jason Kammes, business development manager - Workflow, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division.

The brand-new HTML5 Platform allowed Fujifilm to redesign the user interface and create a cross-platform version which also incorporates new features based on ongoing feedback from customers. Whether end users are accessing the solution via a Mac, PC or an Apple iPad, it is fully compatible with mouse or finger based operations, allowing everyone to have the same consistent user experience for job review and approval.

XMF Remote 9.5 also incorporates advanced features to facilitate production flow. Not only are print service providers able to upload multiple print jobs concurrently, but they can also review magazines and publications with a high pagination through a fast page scrolling mode. This allows a quicker and more efficient approval process, which is further enhanced thanks to the opportunity to sample colors from multiple areas of a job, all at once. Effectively, XMF Remote 9.5 now shows multiple color sample points simultaneously so that users can immediately check the make-up of colors used in a job and speed up the review process.

"By taking advantage of the latest software solutions we are allowing users to improve their operational efficiency, speeding up job hand-off, review, correction, turnaround times which equal more jobs in and more jobs out,” adds Kammes. “We're extremely pleased to be able to integrate into XMF Remote 9.5 new functionalities and a new user interface based on the HTML5 Platform, which is already available across other products in Fujifilm's portfolio, including XMF Production Workflow and XMF ColorPath Sync." 
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