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Omet awards employee family scholarships

January 20, 2014

A ceremony announcing 10 scholarship recipients culminated a year of celebrating the press manufacturer's 50th year.

in 2013, Italian press manufacturer Omet celebrated its 50th year in business with a number of initiatives that have actively involved all the company’s stakeholders to include the employees, nearly 300 at Omet Srl and O-PAC Srl.

Among the activities was the first Omettiadi, the Olympic games of the Omet Group, which took place last June. A number of employees belonging to the different divisions of the Group participated, organized into four teams and competing in six different sports over three days.

Omet's scholarship recipients
On November 23, 2013, the five plants of the Omet Group opened their doors to family and friends of employees for Family Day. More than 1,100 registered visitors in the different locations participated. "The participants seemed to appreciate the initiative very much. The passion and pride with which the employees of the Omet Group showed the place and the results of their day-by-day work to their families were exceptional," states Antonio Bartesaghi, managing director of the Omet Group.

Omet's 50th anniversary year culminated with a Christmas party for all members of the Group. A ceremony for the delivery of 10 scholarships for the children of employees who have distinguished themselves at high schools or in universities took place a few days later.

"Last year, we established scholarships for the children of our employees who have performed well in their studies, with the obvious aim to reward the commitment, dedication and ability to face difficulties. We hope that the award be a stimulus to ensure that this commitment is prolonged in time. Obviously, this year we revived the initiative, and will continue to do so for the years to come, Bartesaghi says. "We all know that the path to business growth depends on the ability to consistently get the best results. To this aim, it is essential to rely on valid collaborators but also on their passion, dedication and hard work. The same commitment that we have recognized and developed in these children with the hope that it might contribute to their future success.”

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