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FINAT launches new industry trends report

May 12, 2014

The results of the first "FINAT Radar" will be introduced at the upcoming Congress in June.

FINAT, the international association for the self-adhesive labeling industry, has announced the launch of FINAT Radar. This is a new, wide-ranging half-yearly and professionally-conducted Industry Trends Report. According to the organization, the core of this market report will be trends and developments in the label converter segment of the packaging and labeling supply chain and this in the principal market segments across Europe. This report will give FINAT members a recurring overview on the evolution of markets and market segments, employment, profit and loss, purchasing and investment. Other chapters in the report will cover parallel surveys on material supplier trends, equipment supplier trends, end-user trends and emerging market trends. The results of the first report will be introduced at the upcoming annual FINAT Congress. (June 5-7, Monaco)

"One of the assets of FINAT is its ability to generate representative first hand market data and information about the European self-adhesive labels and related narrow web markets directly from its members," says Kurt Walker, FINAT president. "With the FINAT Radar, we are now taking this asset to the next level. Every six months, converters, label materials and equipment suppliers that are members of FINAT are being approached to participate in this new statistical exchange."

Additionally, customers in a variety of market segments are interviewed. The result is a comprehensive 20 page market survey prepared by market research agency LPC (with offices in London and Texas).

"It has always been FINAT’s mission to provide a sound and solid knowledge basis on which the whole industry can depend," says Jules Lejeune, managing director FINAT. "The FINAT RADAR is one of the newly developed initiatives as part of FINAT’s strategy plan for the coming years. One of the many benefits of being a FINAT member and that will help leverage the industry's combined interests."