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TLP celebrates 10 years of workplace safety

June 12, 2014

Its employees have reached 10 years and more than 1.3 million hours of work without a Lost Time Accident (LTA).

Tailored Label Products (TLP) has announced that its employees have reached an important safety milestone of accomplishing 10 years and over 1.3 million hours of work without a Lost Time Accident (LTA).

“By going for more than a decade without an LTA, our employees have demonstrated that in addition to reaching production and quality goals, safety continues to be a primary focus in their day-to-day activities,” says TLP Operations Manager Mark Little. “Not many companies are willing to devote the manpower and resources we do at TLP to ensure safety in the workplace. Our employees are happier and more productive knowing they work in a safe environment and this ultimately results in better products and service for our customers.”

To honor and thank employees for their great achievement, the owners and managers hosted lunches for all three shifts at TLP’s Wisconsin and Georgia facilities. Brian Mirr of the Wisconsin Safety Council was also on hand to present TLP with a formal certificate of recognition for reaching this significant workplace safety milestone.

“At TLP, our company culture is heavily focused on attaining excellence in all aspects of our operations. This is especially true when it comes to providing a safe and enjoyable workplace for our employees,“ says Jeff Kerlin president & COO. “The health and well-being of our employees and visitors to our facilities is of great importance to us. To that end, we invest heavily in terms of our formal safety programs and employee education, ensuring that safety is always top of mind.”

Tailored Label Products has received widespread recognition for being an industry leader when it comes to setting high standards in the workplace. Recent honors include winning a second Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Grand Award and being named to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s List of Top Workplaces for the last five consecutive years. Both of these awards are a direct reflection of TLP’s successful record of creating a safe and productive workplace for its employees.