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E+L acquires Theta Print

July 3, 2014

This acquisition includes the high-end video system ELSCAN dualView.

As part of an “asset deal”, Erhardt+Leimer has acquired the Theta Print product segment from Theta System Elektronik GmbH. This acquisition includes the high-end video system ELSCAN dualView, which is now available for purchase from Erhardt+Leimer. The company has also enhanced its color measurement, register measurement, and closed-loop control expertise.

"Print inspection solutions from Erhardt+Leimer are the standard across the world," the company says. "With the NYSCAN 100% print inspection system and the ELSCAN web viewing system, Erhard+Leimer was already well positioned in the market. E+L has now crowned their portfolio with ELSCAN dualView; an unrivaled print image monitoring system."

With web speeds of up to 1300 m/min, the image representation of the two five-megapixel cameras integrated into the system is unsurpassed in both color reproduction and contrast, the company says. The images taken by the wide angle lens have virtually no distortion, and any “fall-off” of light towards the image edge is compensated for perfectly. ELSCAN dualView also has a comparatively wide field of view with two versions; “Standard” (140 mm x 117 mm) and "Large" (230 mm x 192 mm). To fulfill the special requirements in packaging printing, E+L is also planning a system with two 12 megapixel cameras and a 460 x 345 mm field of view. As with the other versions, the mounting dimensions are very compact.

ELSCAN dualView uses an LED flash which has several significant benefits compared to conventional lighting methods. The LEDs last for the entire camera lifetime, while conventional flashes may need replacement. Also, the LED flash is operated with a non-hazardous low voltage of under 48V compared to the higher voltage requirements of conventional flashes.

Additionally, ELSCAN dualView provides highly specialized products for the packaging and security printing segments via the integration specialty flashes. A UV flash facilitates the viewing of otherwise invisible security elements. The systems can be equipped with a varnish flash for inspecting coatings, varnishes, and embossing, as well as a back flash for observing front to back register and watermarks.

As standard equipment, ELSCAN dualView utilizes two adjacent 24” monitors. This allows the operator to observe an overview of the repeat as well as a highly magnified selection simultaneously. The inspection specialists at Erhardt+Leimer remain true to their principles - just as in prior versions of ELSCAN, the dualView housing integrates both wide angle and zoom lens cameras. The ELSCAN dualView camera unit is also maintenance-free as the fixed focus lens contains no movable parts. Just like its "little brother" ELSCAN OMS4, ELSCAN dualView provides an overview of the entire repeat for quick navigation via mouse. Touch screen operation is also available as an option.

With the addition of Theta Print, Erhardt+Leimer has not only acquired a technically outstanding web video system, but has also positioned itself in the market of inline spectral color measurement as well as inline register control. E+L continues to develop its already outstanding position in the print inspection segment. With 15 subsidiaries on four continents and over 1,500 highly skilled professionals, the family-run company is optimally equipped to meet the requirements of the global market.