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UPM Raflatac launches lightweight face materials for wash-off logistics labeling

April 13, 2017

Thermalite Top+ PEFC and Thermalite Eco+ PEFC adhere permanently to rough or patterned surfaces for the label's lifetime.

UPM Raflatac has launched two new face materials for the European market for wash-off logistics labeling applications. Thermalite Top+ PEFC and Thermalite Eco+ PEFC are lightweight and, when paired with the RP45 LW adhesive, adhere permanently to rough or patterned surfaces for the lifetime of the label, then wash off with ease leaving no residue.

With the new materials, plastic pallets, crates, and other containers can be labeled effectively and sent back into circulation over and over again - with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. 

Thermalite Top+ PEFC is a BPA-free direct thermal label face for wash-off applications. It has good image stability and keeps its functionality in both chilled conditions and during hot summer transport. Thermalite Eco+ PEFC is a light thermal label face, also for wash-off applications. It is more resource efficient than standard products as the weight has been reduced - without compromising performance.

"These products are lightweight, making them much better for the environment," says Jouni Iiskola, segment manager, Logistics, UPM Raflatac. "Less raw materials are used in production, and less transportation means reduced emissions. Thanks to their excellent functionality and high environmental performance, both products are approved by Svenska Retursystem, the Swedish system for circulating crates and pallets for reuse."

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