November 21, 2013

McDowell Label and Screen Printing HAS TAKEN the top prize in the 2013 TLMI Label Awards for its Peace & Harmony label. The Texas converter won Best of Show for the label, as well as first place awards in 12 categories, including two Best of Class honors. This year’s competition has six Best of Class winners. In addition to McDowell Label and Screen Printing, Best of Class winners are Collotype Labels Digital Department, Collotype Labels USA, Alpine Packaging, and National Label Company.

This year's competition saw hundreds of entries from around the globe, and awarded a combined 68 first and second place honors for the North American and International divisions. Entry submission origins spanned the globe, coming from throughout the USA and Europe, and as far away as China and Australia.

The judging committee, chaired by Steve Lee of RotoMetrics, included Mike Buystedt, Flint Group Narrow Web; J. Page Crouch, Clemson University; Robert Wray, Gallus; Steve Schulte, Mark Andy; Jim Harris, Actega WIT; Ray Mackura, Avery Dennison Fasson Roll North America; Mike Hang, Trinity Graphic USA; Mike Rivera, K Laser Technology; Dilip Shad, Nilpeter; and Paul Teachout, Harper Corporation of America.

Best of Show
First Place, North American
Roll to Roll - Color Process - Prime
McDowell Label & Screen Printing
Product: Peace & Harmony
Description/Challenges: Brilliant colors, tactile doming
effects and foil were all utilized to enhance this very colorful piece. Smooth screen tones and heavy color laydown were incorporated in the same process printed to insure a non-overlap look.
End Use: Health & Beauty

First Place, International

Multi-Process, Line & Screen/Tone, Prime
Multi-Color Corporation China CPG
Product: Pechoin Florida Water
Description/Challenges: Customer requested a label with a grainy, textured feel, which was developed in consultation with the varnish supplier.
End Use: Personal Care, insect repellent

First Place, International
Wine & Spirits - Flexography/Letterpress – Line & Screen/Tone, Prime
Collotype Labels, UK Ltd.
Product: Talisker Dark Storm Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Description/Challenges: Holding the fine detail on the illustration was very difficult as was  keeping a high level of detail in the hot stamp foiling without the area filling in.
End Use: Wines & Spirits – whiskey bottle front label

First Place, International

Wine & Spirits – Offset – Color Process, Prime
Collotype Labels International
Holdings Pty. Ltd. Australia
Product: Mollydooker Carnival of Love, 2011 Shiraz
Description/Challenges: The label was printed CMYK with high-build screen and a matte varnish on uncoated stock.
End Use: Wine label

First Place, North American
Digital Printing – Food & Beverage Products
Taylor Made Labels Inc.
Product: Silver Spur Coffee Daybreak Blend
Description/Challenges: Use of print technique to emulate foil, post-printing process use of varnish to achieve overall wood/metal design characteristics.
End Use: Prime Food & Beverage - coffee

First Place, North American

Gravure – Color Process, Prime
Product: Dole-Strawberry Kiwi
Description/Challenges: The challenge for this package was to integrate vignette work but more so for a label that would last through the products' wet/cold lifecycle. Gravure print technology was used to create fine vignette process work with an overlaminate that kept the label in tact.
End Use: Beverage – juice

First Place, North American
Flexography, Line – Non-Prime
Staples Print Solutions
Product: Narrow Mask Label
Description/Challenges: This label is produced inline on a single press pass. This is a difficult label to convert due to the cutouts. The web tension is critical to avoid liner tears. Print quality is also critical as all text must be clean. Registration between the print and several dies requires exact print-to-print and print-to-die control along with the lamination tension.
End Use: Warning label for the auto industry

First Place, North American


Wine & Spirits – Offset – Color
Process – Prime
Collotype Labels USA Inc.
Product: Farella, 2009 Malbec
Description/Challenges: Label includes CMYK, red, hot foil stamping, magnesium embossing, flexo varnish, diecutting.
End Use: Wine label

First Place, North American
Tags – Merchandising
Syracuse Label & Surround Printing
Product: Sovena Olive Oil
Description/Challenges: This tag was printed on both sides with four colors on the front and four colors on the back. The varnish was knocked out in multiple spots for proper adhesion when being folded and glued.
End Use: Promotional tag for olive oil bottle

First Place, North American

Wine & Spirits – Flexography/Letterpress – Line & Screen/Tone – Prime
Collotype Labels El Dorado Hills
Product: Jackson-Triggs Proprietors’ Selection Shiraz
Description/Challenges: This job prints in seven colors, tactile varnish, hot foil stamping, overprinting the foil, emboss, deboss and varnish. It is a challenge to keep everything in register and keep the foil and tactile varnish clean and smooth.
End Use: Wine label

First Place, North American
Multi-Process – Line & Screen/Tone – Prime
McDowell Label & Screen Printing
Product: P6 EXTREME
Description/Challenges: With the desire from the customer to want to create a carbon fiber appearance, we incorporated a high definition screen vignette and tactile doming to achieve the look the customer requested. An additional screen vignette, from a heavy percentage to near zero percent was also used inside the P6 logo area.
End Use: Nutraceutical

First Place, International

Digital Printing – Other
Germark, S.A.
Product: Anne Möller - Perfect Day
Description/Challenges: This label is placed on a plastic can. Printed with five colors over a PE transparent material plus matte varnish to cover and protect the label in one step on a digital machine. It was difficult to adjust different percentages of screens for the white base of the image in order to obtain the desired result – an impeccable effect of the flower appearance.
End Use: Health & Beauty

First Place, North American
Flexography – Color Process – Non-Prime
DRG Technologies, Inc.
Product:  Master Lock
Description/Challenges: Combination of vignettes and solids with very tight
registration. Diecutting and stripping was extremely difficult.
End Use: Health & Beauty

First Place, North America


Flexography – Line & Screen/Tone, Non-Prime
National Label Company
Product: Suave Styling Aid
Description/Challenges: Specially designed combination label for see-through PET bottle. The back label enhances the package with metallic and transparent inks. Combination of rotogravure, offset, flexo, and screen was used. A clear substrate was used with mirror images to create effects.
End Use: Beauty aid back label for styling spray bottle

First Place, North America
Flexography – Color Process – Prime
McDowell Label & Screen Printing
Product: Sadler’s Smokehouse Baby Back Ribs
Description/Challenges: Heavy dark colors, tight register and reverse four-color print all were needed to create this mouth-watering graphic.
End Use: Food

First Place, North American

Wine & Spirits – Offset – Line/Prime
TAPP Label Technologies Inc.
Product: LangeTwins, 2009 Centennial Zinfandel
Description/Challenges: The requirements of this label were cream, gold and two grey units to print the solid intense background used to showcase the use of two foils. The black foil required a very clean release, to subtly state the name of the winery and the fine line of type below the name, and a gold foil to draw the eye to the center of the label emphasizing the heritage of the winery family. This created a challenge to have three separate printing elements embossing together, both foils and the sculptured emboss of the old vine printing in gold ink, while holding very tight register.
End Use: Wine bottle, one piece front label

First Place, North American

Multi-Color Corporation
Description/Challenges: Perrigo Parent’s Choice Infant Formula
Suppliers: Non PS top layer adhered to bottom layer through on-press printed adhesive and selective release coating. The job requires 12 stations to print all layers.
End Use: Two-ply private label baby formula




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