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Pharma-Tac Plus: A multi-talented label

By Steve Katz, Editor | January 20, 2014

Schreiner MediPharm’s infusion bottle label features extended content and a robust, easy-to-use hanger.

Medical products can present unique labeling challenges. For products used in hospital and clinical settings, there is no room for error. Print quality needs to be superior, as the label may convey critical information regarding patient identification, drug and fluid warnings, as well as administration procedures. Therefore, it’s imperative that healthcare and medical product manufacturers work with specialized label converters to develop innovative and functional products.

 The Pharma-Tac Plus, a multi-functional label for infusion bottles

Schreiner MediPharm US, based in Blauvelt, NY, is a medical and pharmaceutical label specialist. The company works closely with

its customers, collaborating on meeting the labeling needs of the healthcare industry. One of Schreiner MediPharm’s recent innovations is the Pharma-Tac Plus, a multi-functional label for infusion bottles, developed in cooperation with Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

Infusion bottles are what healthcare practitioners use to administer intravenous medications and other fluids to patients. They are often hung upside-down, alongside the patient. Baxter Healthcare needed a label with enough space to contain extensive information, but also equipped with a stable hanging function and easy administration documentation.  “With the Pharma-Tac Plus label, we developed an intelligent solution that upgrades infusion bottles and optimizes the end user’s processes,” explains Gene Dul, president of Schreiner MediPharm US. 

The Pharma-Tac Plus paper booklet provides an extended area for multi-lingual text on ingredients and instructions for use. It is firmly connected to the plastic base label, and can be opened and closed with ease by means of a starter tab. The label features a robust hanger that is easy to separate from the label construction for activation. The detachable documentation labels ensure reliable tracing of the medication and allows for safe handling, even while wearing gloves.

According to Dul, Pharma-Tac Plus, features a very sophisticated design and includes different materials and functionalities. “This demands extended printing expertise and state-of-the-art machinery and technologies,” he says. “While the unique design of the label was specifically manufactured for Baxter Healthcare, the concept can be adjusted for other companies’ needs. The general combination of a hanger label that includes a booklet label and peel-off parts can be customized for other pharmaceutical companies. Ideally, Schreiner MediPharm and the pharmaceutical manufacturer should work closely together to find the best-suited solution for a specific application.”

The hanger part of the Pharma-Tac Plus label is made of film as well as the base label and the re-closable layer that covers the paper booklet. The hanger is strong enough to reliably hang big bottles, those containing 500 ml of fluid.

Accolades from TLMI
The Tag and Label Manufacturer’s Institute (TLMI) awarded Schreiner MediPharm’s Pharma-Tac Plus first place in the “Multi-Process” category at the 2013 TLMI Awards competition. The TLMI Awards judging team places particular importance on the innovation of product entries, as well as their printing and manufacturing quality.  The Pharma-Tac Plus label convinced judges due to its superior printing expertise and high quality level, and its sophisticated design spoke for itself.

“Though Schreiner MediPharm has a long track record in winning awards with TLMI and other international printing and labeling competitions, we are always proud of any new award, since it underlines the high quality and innovative approach of our solutions,” Dul says. “We consider it a great honor to win the TLMI award, and it motivates us to continue in the development of sophisticated labeling solutions and improve them even further.”

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