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On-demand labeling from FLEXcon

By Catherine Diamond, Associate Editor | June 10, 2014

In a partnership with Standard Register, the materials supplier is changing the way companies can order materials.

In January, Spencer, MA, USA-based materials supplier FLEXcon announced that it had been selected by Standard Register to provide materials for its on-demand labeling service.
FLEXcon provides durable materials that meet regulatory compliance and certification, which allow Standard Register to focus on the printing of labels while assuring product quality and compliance. These labels can be used in a number of industries, including: medical devices, HVAC units, electronic products, appliances, consumer products and many more. FLEXcon says it offers Standard Register “a solution that is customizable, meeting the needs of customers as labels continue to change, new regulations are declared and branding evolves.”
Using FLEXcon’s labeling materials, Standard Register has created an online portal for customers to order durable labels that meet compliance regulations, including UL/CUL recognition, regardless of volume.
“We choose to work with FLEXcon as they are known as a leader in the durable labeling industry and are knowledgeable in complying with regulatory guidelines,” said Mark Keeton, marketing director, Standard Register. “FLEXcon understands our goal of meeting our clients’ needs and was able to create a solution for our new On-Demand Labeling Solution.”
“We are thrilled to help Standard Register create this cutting-edge labeling solution that is changing the way labels are ordered,” said John Bennett, vice president, FLEXcon. “Standard Register’s vision to allow customers to order labels online, as needed, is an attractive option that eliminates waste as labels become obsolete and require updating. We are excited to provide Standard Register with materials that are flexible and durable to meet their customers’ needs.”
According to Keaton, this partnership has allowed Standard Register to bring a new “solution set” to the marketplace. Prior to their work with FLEXcon, Keaton says that there was no other efficient product on the market that provides what this partnership provides.
“We are able to fulfill on demand production in quantities as small as one,” he says. “Because regulations change, materials change and products all change. There’s a high obsolescence rate, so the real challenge for manufacturers is to get that product out. The key is adding an e-commerce tool so that people can order exactly the number of labels that they need. Once the regulations change, instead of throwing them all away, they can continue to get that UL-compliant FLEXcon material.”
Faye O’Brisky, sales associate at FLEXcon, says that the key to the program was the utilization of digital equipment. “We had to be able to design products with the same level of performance and the same level of compliance. We were able to come up with a solution set that was compatible with digital technology.”
FLEXcon has been involved in the use of digital equipment since its very early days, and its extensive experience has proven beneficial in this partnership.
“We were really the company that did a lot of introduction of digital printing back in 1994,” Bennett says. “We did digital printing conferences, and we sponsored major OEMs in the industry. We saw that this technology would allow for a lot of capabilities in prototyping and short run, enabling design engineers to come up with new concepts. For us, it was right up our alley in terms of being a custom solutions provider.”
The product hit the market earlier this year and, according to Keaton, it has been very successful. “We had it more in a pilot mode in summer and fall. Since the winter we’ve ramped it up heavily and considered adding additional capacity.”
“The fact that we have this capability has enhanced our customer base and really opened the door to new customers,” Keaton adds. “From the durable perspective, its really unique. Digital production is nothing new, but the concept of on-demand production, I think that’s what really been eye-opening to people.”
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