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AWA honors the best in sleeve labels

By Ann Hirst-Smith | June 8, 2015

Winners in the first AWA Sleeve Label Awards competition include CCL, PepsiCo and Sleever International.

The winners in the first AWA Sleeve Label Awards competition, organized by AWA Alexander Watson Associates, were announced as a highlight of the program of the AWA International Sleeve Label Conference and Exhibition 2015 recently held in Miami, FL, USA.  

Judged by a panel of experts – chairman Yolanda Simonsis, president and editorial director, YTC Media Inc., Séamus Lafferty, president, Accraply, Inc., Tom Hammer, product manager North America, Flint Group Narrow Web, and Will Schretzman, vice president, Packaging, Verst Group Logistics – the competition presented a well-deserved opportunity to reward excellence in sleeve labeling and product decoration.

Best of show
CCL Label was a triple winner. The world's largest label manufacturer was recognized for its production of Diageo’s Smirnoff Sours sleeve labels with the overall award for Best Sleeve Label 2015, as well as the category prize for Heat TD Shrink Sleeves. The judges described the Smirnoff labels as "innovative, exuding shelf appeal, and incorporating plenty of technology" – a reflection of the creative use of cold foiling and holography to deliver real packaging sparkle.  

CCL Label also took the award for the Stretch Sleeve Label category for labels for Gerolsteiner Linée Grapefruit and Blutorange awards, which the judges said evidenced "bright, vibrant, and vivid design."

The Environmental Consideration winner, Fruit&Nada
Dan Webb, sales director, CCL Label, commented on the awards, saying, "It’s great to see the industry recognize all the innovation that’s made sleeving a major player in the packaging world today. CCL has been working in the technology for years, and were delighted that our customer Diageo allowed us to show just how much you can do with sleeves today. We’re thrilled to have won."

PepsiCo themselves submitted the entry which took the prize in the Roll-fed Shrink category – labels for Gatorade Thirst Quencher and Gatorade Frost Glacier Cherry, which the judges recognized as the first major commercialization of RFS in the marketplace.  

Finally, in the category covering Environmental Consideration, Sleever International took the prize for Coca-Cola Entreprise, France’s sleeve labels for Minute Maid Citronnade/Limon & Nada, which, according to the judges, met "every guideline identified by the Association of Plastics Recyclers (ATP) – a great environmental entry."

Awards presentation
The Awards were presented by AWA President and CEO Corey Reardon. He said, "Sleeve labeling is a key labeling and product decoration technology today, and is recognized as such. With these awards we want to highlight and promote the best-practice technology and material suppliers, printers, and end users who are excelling in this fast-growing and important labeling format."

On behalf of the judging panel, Tom Hammer of Flint Group Narrow Web said: "It was particularly interesting to see digital print advancing into the sleeve arena, and also to be able to review the added-value effects of holography, foils, and other real eyecatchers."

Reardon commented on the good response in terms of the entries received, across the value chain, and declared the 2016 competition open for entries.

For more on the AWA Sleeve Label Awards competition, including photos of the winners, check out the L&NW Slideshow.

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