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By Steve Katz, Editor | March 13, 2017

Precision AirConvey’s matrix removal system delivers cost savings and environmental benefits for Global Venture.

Hakim Merchant, owner of Kent, WA-based label manufacturer Global Venture was thrilled with the growth of his company. As it grew, however, he had a series of nagging concerns with his equipment.

“By the time we had 16 machines running for 24 hours, I knew there was a system out there that would be more user-friendly and efficient, both economically and environmentally,” Merchant says.

Always concerned with its environmental impact and staying ahead of the curve, Global Venture prepared to improve its process. Merchant approached Precision AirConvey (PAC) in Newark, DE, USA, about PAC’s matrix waste removal system and immediately saw that the project team was knowledgeable and responsive.

“They absolutely understood our industry and our organization’s changing needs,” Merchant recalls. “They were extremely professional and patiently walked us through the solution, while discussing the competitors’ products along with the pros and cons of each. Most importantly, there was a personal touch, and that made a big difference.”

Merchant especially liked the small footprint of PAC’s matrix removal system — with the matrix cutter and ducting network elevated off the ground, there is more floor space in the plant. “Because the system is installed overhead and its air velocity has a very constant pressure, there is no mechanical component,” Merchant says. “We can run the same product on slightly narrower webs, thereby saving in material costs.”

What’s more, the system’s overhead configuration makes the plant safer for workers, reducing the risk of injury.

PAC’s matrix removal system is designed to reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment. “The waste is disposed of automatically and conveyed into a compactor,” Merchant says.

With a 4 to 1 compact ratio, the PAC system minimizes the number of trips to the recycling station. The use of less material not only reduces waste but it also reduces cost.

“Technically the system reduces the web width by ¼ inch, but when you’re running 3 million feet of material every day it adds up to quite a bit,” Merchant explains. He estimates that he saves $15,000 per year for waste reduction and another $12,000 per month on material costs.

Indeed, the emphasis on sustainability was a big driver in the decision to adopt the new system. “Global Venture has a commitment to lowering their environmental impact,” says Kevin Bock, PAC’s Director of Technical Sales. “Their investment was not only fiscally sound, but also environmentally responsible. It’s forward-thinking customers like Global Venture that make these situations a win-win for everyone involved!”

There are additional savings associated with the system’s speed, maximized uptime and limited need for stopping. Since the waste is pulled through a ducted system, there is no longer a need to halt production to unload waste rolls, which saves valuable time and material.

Of course, as with any major investment, Merchant carefully weighed the decision. “We were at first concerned about the capital outlay but when we worked out the return on investment we found out it came to between 12 and 16 months," Merchant recalls.

Another concern was the time it might take to adapt to the new system. “There is a learning curve, as with any new equipment, and we made some minor changes so that the system served our needs more optimally,” he says. “For our purposes it is an excellent solution.”

Once the system was installed, Merchant immediately observed a positive change on the floor. “Opening up the work space made a major impact for me and even more so for the workers,” he says. “The press operators are very happy because it reduced some of their labor, allowing them to concentrate on the quality and efficiency of the process. In a cleaner environment, they can move more freely and have more space to store things that are important to them.”

In fact, the enthusiasm of his employees has exceeded Merchant’s expectations. “Whenever we need to shut down, for instance to empty out the compactor, we temporarily revert to the old system,” he says. “Each time this happens, I can actually hear the operators groan. That’s how much they love working with this new system, and how much of a difference it’s made to the process.”

Global Venture proudly serves its client base from a 60,000-square-foot, state-of-the art facility. It is determined to not only meet client expectations but exceed them. Pioneers of innovative technology, Global Venture endeavors to keep its production plant environmentally friendly, offering “Green-Friendly” sustainable options while delivering consistent quality products.

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