In-mold Award Winners

August 19, 2014

The In-Mold Decorating Association (IMDA) presents the winners of the 2014 IMDA Awards.

Best Thin Wall Package, Gold Award, 64 oz. IML TRIM Pail

IML has enabled high quality decoration of the TRIM (Thin Recess Injection Molding) part which has wall thicknesses about half that formerly considered possible with conventional thin-wall molding technology. Full wrap label provides extensive coverage of the container over a large surface area.

Best Product Family, Silver Award, Skippy Singles

The clear film label substrate allows consumers to see through the re-sealable canister and view the six single-serve cups inside. It also features a clear front panel and small back panel so consumers can see when they need to purchase more.

Best Prototype Package, Gold Award, IPL SkinnyPack

SkinnyPack is a thin, yet strong packaging technology that fuses a flexible, printable film to a sturdy, rigid frame. It offers remarkable IML graphics for greater shelf appeal. SkinnyPack uses less plastic, and is therefore lighter for improved sustainability.

Best Injection Molded Durable IMD Part, Gold Award, Logitech Mouse Top Housing

In-mold decoration allowed the customer (Logitech) to achieve their design intent of a rich high gloss finish, incorporating a second surface gradient graphic for maximum first surface durability for this capacitive touch mouse. This product was run in both high- gloss black and white.

Best Part Design, Gold Award, KFC Go Cup

This food service package features an in-mold label around a divided cup which fits into a car cup holder. The in-mold label features KFC's everyday branding and logo, and can easily be changed for promotional or seasonal artwork.

Best Injection Molded Durable IMD Part, Silver Award, Advanced Dual Air Technology Controller

The remote’s high-gloss piano black and matte silver finish, along with its back lit buttons, is an elegant, durable and practical device. IMD provides the durability, allows for multiple colors, and makes it easy to switch SKUs.

Best Thermoformed Durable IMD Part, Gold Award, Hino Hybrid Badge

This flexible IML badge utilizes a bright chrome fluoropolymer film that is environmentally friendly and highly durable. Six separate screen printed colors plus a UV protective clear coat provide a cost effective method to produce a multi-colored thermoformed part.

Best Product Family, Gold Award, Film Seal Round

Arla Foods Canada was looking to re-launch their Tre Stelle brand of fresh cheeses to give it a more premium-looking packaging. IPL provided the Film Seal Round container to meet the customers objective. Arla went from white offset printed containers to IML decoration, with color assorted lids to differentiate their products from one another.

Best Injection Molded (IML) Package, Gold Award, TrustPack – Uncle Ben’s

Mars Canada was looking for a container that is reusable, easy to manipulate, and that is easy to dose/portion for a Chinese New Year promotion. Once the contents are consumed, the container can be reused. The handles on the side make handling very simple and easy. A window is integrated into the artwork with dosing indicators to make it as user-friendly as possible.