TLMI Label Awards: First Place winners from North America (part 3)

November 17, 2015

We round out our look at the North America-based First Place Award-winning labels from the 2015 competition.

Poo-Pourri Dejá Poo, McDowell Label & Screen Printing

Category: Roll to Roll - Multi-Process - Line & Screen/Tone - Prime. With a tremendous amount of high detail, full color and soft background panels, this roll-to-roll sleeve features solid reverse side printed graphics. Turned-over rotorary screen printed tactile doming all add to the finish of this sleeve.

Twinlab Premium Creatine Fuel, McDowell Label & Screen Printing

Category: Roll to Roll - Line & Screen/Tone - Prime. This sleeve is both reverse printed with HD UV inks, but also includes a foil application to enhance the product awareness. In addition, the sleeve is also turned over and a matte coating was employed to give the final product a feeling of depth between the gloss and matte parts.

Turkey Hill All Natural Lemonade, Syracuse Label & Surround Printing

Category: Flexography - Color Process - Non-Prime.

Tropical, McDowell Label & Screen Printing

Category: Wine & Spirits - Flexography/Letterpress - Line/Non-Prime. This cap label was printed with heavy solid reverse and intrique foil was applied and then registered very carefully with the multi-sided die shape. The detail in the foil leaf was critical to the finished design for the customer.

Tequila Reserva 1800 Cristalino Añejo, Multi-Color Corporation - Mexico SA de CV

Category: Wine & Spirits - Digital Printing / Inkjet - Color Process Prime. Special challenges included embossing in different levels and keeping varnish registered.

Sociable Cider Werks - Freewheeler, Smyth Companies Inc.

Category: Flexography - Line/Prime. For this label, MET stock required special attention to create transparent tint colors.

Selfie Tan 'n Go, McDowell Label & Screen Printing

Category: Rotary Screen Printing - Line/Prime. This all rotorary screen printed job was completed for the customer to give the feeling of a fully pre-printed bottle. Opaque UV inks were used on the entire label to add to that look.

Sacred Serum Blueberry Sour Diesel, Digital Label Solutions Inc.

Category: Tags - Merchandising. Achieving a visually appealing tag that resembled a foil embossed piece was a top challenge for this project considering the low budget and small quantity requested. With creative use of white ink, Digital Label Solutions achieved a foil embossed look on this double-sided piece that ultimately gave the end client an elegant tag for an inexpensive price.

Porcelain Doll, McDowell Label & Screen Printing

Category: Roll to Roll - Multi-Process - Line/Prime. This very clean design was used to go on a clear bottle to show the milky white contents. The art complemented the bottle fill by utilizing tight register foil placement and a reverse printed matte varnish to give added depth to the container presence.

Voluspa, Digital Label Solutions Inc.

Category: Digital Printing / Inkjet - Color Process Prime. A top challenge primarily encountered with this label was not only achieving a double-sided, perfectly registered label, but to guarantee a visually appealing outcome. With the use of reverse printing, white ink, and a second pass of printing, Digital Label Solutions created a double sided silver label that would have normally only been offered on white substrate.