FINAT's award-winning labels

June 24, 2016

The annual competition embraces all of today’s labeling and imaging technologies.

Digital Printing, Liquid Toner Technology

Winner: Çiftsan Etiket Ambalaj San. Ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti., Turkey, for Nar Ayvalik Olive Oil. This apparently straightforward label has hidden depths. The label includes gold hot foil and a high build screen lacquer.

Sets of Labels

Winner: Doga Etiket ve Ambalaj Tic. A.S., Turkey, for Glade Nature’s infusions. A set of four labels using a combination of flexography and digital printing, the illustrations front and back matched the fragrances of the respective products.


Winner: Securikett Ulrich & Horn GmbH, Austria, for Martell. The label is designed for use on high value spirit bottles and includes a QR code which must be scanned by the consumer and will confirm (or not) if the product is genuine. Flexography and screen techniques were used along with special die cutting patterns.

Best in Show, End Use: Food Products

Winner: Marzek Etiketten + Packaging Group, Austria, for Kaisersemmeln. This label appears to use a combination of digital and silk screen techniques. The main body of the printing has been achieved using HP digital imaging. The results are very good with sharp rendering of the main illustration of fruit. The dominating color purple runs through the label with very small but legible text against a halftone background.

End Use: Automotive

Winner: Skanem Poznán Sp.z.o.o., Poland, for Lotos 4L. A bright bold label with strong solid colors, the movement of the piston adds a lift to the overall impression.


Winner: Interket Limited., United Kingdom, for Graham’s Scottish Low Fat Yogurt. The label is an ideal design for the dairy product container with a subtle country theme indicating the natural products it illustrates. Overlamination gives the label great protection in a wet environment.

Combination Printing

Winner: Marzek Etiketten + Packaging Group, Austria, for Wimitz – India Pale Ale. A combination of offset litho and screen printing in five colors has produced a dramatic looking label.

Special Award for Innovation

Winner: Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG., Germany, for (rfid) DistaFerr Mini (UHF). Developed specially for metal substrates, its construction includes a filmic layer, a foam protection layer, and it is produced in a fan folded configuration.

Digital Printing, Dry Toner Technology

Winner: Label’Or S.A., Belgium, for Hamreepjes. This label has a very smooth background white giving the subsequent colors a nice boost. The fine type is well produced and easily legible. The inclusion of a “viewing” window so that the product can be seen adds to the practicality of the label.

End Use: Wines

Winner: Multi Color Corporation., Australia, for Single Vineyard. Printed using digital technology on uncoated stock, this entry made great use of the contrasting black background.