New Products


June 2, 2014

Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS), a manufacturer of integrated identification products for the hospitality industry, will showcase the latest in automated food safety labeling technology with the release of its FreshMarx 9417 Printer at booth #1445 at the NRA Show 2014 in Chicago. Avery Dennison’s automated food labeling products enable restaurateurs and food service providers to stay ahead of the competition.

The enhanced 9417 offers capabilities that today’s contemporary food service operation requires, including wireless functionality, multi-lingual capabilities, and bar code and QR (Quick Response) code printing.  Avery Dennison says its automated food labeling systems can help increase consumer safety, improve margins, protect and elevate restaurant brands and accelerate the performance of kitchen labeling operations.

Features of the 9417 include: accurate, highly-detailed food item labeling including “prepared” and “use by” date/time shelf-life labels, ingredient or nutritional data and employee identification, which are automated with pre-programmed shelf-life data; the ability to help to eliminate health code violations caused by illegible handwriting; facilitation of the protection of food quality data which ensures labeling consistency across multiple locations; it enables faster preparation of fresh food by reducing the need for employees to reference shelf life charts, manually calculate expiration time/dates, and handwritten information; and it provides application-specific labeling solutions including dissolvable labels, labels that perform in extreme temperatures including freezers and under heat lamps, highly-durable labels and high-quality product labels designed to help elevate brands.

Avery Dennison
Glendale, CA, USA