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AVT joins the REVO team

July 21, 2014

The REVO Team and AVT (Advanced Vision Tecnologies) have announced that AVT has joined the REVO Team for the “Digital Flexo Revolution.” This news comes after 12 months of successful collaboration between AVT and select REVO partners, who have been  working together to develop a new digital press set-up technology. The AVT fully automatic makeready pressure control system is said to be achieving excellent results while meeting the organization’s vision of advancing a “digital revolution” throughout the greater flexo industry – one which also drove the decision to ask AVT to join the REVO Team.  

David Naisby, business development director for AVT, comments, “Like all the REVO partners, AVT has a long history of innovation and it is an honor to join the REVO group. Helios II 100% inspection is the leading solution for total print quality control and, through the pioneering development of the new image based make-ready pressure control, in cooperation with Gidue Digital Automation, we will be able to take a traditional, craft-based process and turn it into a consistent and repeatable digital function. This new level of automation will remove another variable from the press set up procedure and fully supports the goals of the REVO group.”

At the REVO Open House in Florence, Italy, which first took place June 10-12, and will again at Labelexpo in September in Chicago, the REVO technologies will be revealed, and will show how “flexography becomes digital, fully automated, predictable and independent from operator skills. A new era starts in 2014 for the labels and packaging industry,” according to the REVO Team.