New Products


October 14, 2013

PrimeBlade Sweden has released the second and third development stages of the 900 Nano series. The 900 Nano II doctor blade is produced mainly for water based ink users, users of acidic ink types and for corrugated printers, and also for longer doctor blade life. The 900 Nano II blade is based on the refined PrimeBlade 500 stainless steel blade and then Nano treated. Advantages of the 900 Nano III doctor blade include the base material, which is based on the company’s PrimeBlade 800 Refined Micro Alloy Tool steel. The base material has good wear resistance, and when Nano-treated, it offers blade life closely comparable to full ceramic coated doctor blades, but without the brittleness and cracking risks associated to them.

PrimeBlade Sweden
Sunne, Sweden