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Service operation

July 18, 2005

Service operation
Besides the manufacture and marketing of new
machines, Webtron’s new parent has a sizeable task in servicing
the thousands of presses now in operation.
“We are moving as rapidly as we can to put reliability
into our promises about parts and service,” says Mark
Gillis. “We are committed to a regionalized service program;
we’re finalizing that now and will announce it soon. We
have a tremendous responsibility to existing Webtron customers.”
Gillis says that the new Webtron team is an intentional
blend of those who are “not encumbered with the old paradigms”,
as well as “legacy people” who had been with Webtron
in the past, “who can give us some ideas and experience
and legitimacy.”
The Webtron product line is still new to
PCMC, and the machines they are manufacturing
today are similar or identical to those
that have been built in the recent past. Plans
are under way, though, to expand the offerings.
“We are working as fast as we can on new
developments,” says Gillis. “They have a cycle
time that will take us a while before we have
news on that front. We hope that in the next six
months or so we will announce that new platforms
are available.”
The telephone number for PCMC in Green
Bay is 920-494-8865. More information is
available at the company’s web site:
PCMC’s Webtron and Zigzag manufacturing plant in Green Bay, WI.
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