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Recovery reported

July 18, 2005

Recovery reported
for UK materials consumption
The UK is the largest user of self-adhesive labeling material
in Europe. After three successive quarters of disappointing
growth, the Pressure Sensitive Manufacturers
Association was encouraged to see a consumption recovery.
PSMAfigures for the second quarter of 2001 showed that
self-adhesive material in sheets improved by over 14 percent
compared to the first three months. Reels increased by
almost 8 percent with uncoated thermal and coated paper
grades growing fastest. Consumption of uncoated papers on
reels showed a slight decline.
Consumption of filmic products on reels showed the
highest growth rates at almost 20 percent. PE and in particular
PP performed exceptionally well. Consumption of
vinyls in both reels and sheet formats showed a continued
Comparing the first six months of 2001 with last year,
consumption of paper reels is up 2 percent and film 17 percent.
Paper sheets showed growth of less than 1 percent,
while filmic sheet, which is dominated by vinyl, showed further

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