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Digital label press

July 18, 2005

Digital label press
Indigo NV
Maastricht, The Netherlands
Combining one-shot color technology with the series 2 printing process, the Omnius WebStream 100 rivals the speed and quality of conventional label printing. Series 2 is a modular concept of printing engines that can be configured in single, twin, and four-engine designs for web models. Designed for label printing at medium volumes, it prints up to 16 meters per minute in four colors. The twin engine WebStream 200, prints up to 32 meters per minute. The WebStream 400 combines four engines to print up to 64 meters per minute in four colors. Omnius WebStream 50 responds to the market requirements for a high quality short run digital label press. It prints up to six colors across a wide portfolio of substrates and offers full color variable data from label to label. Omnius MultiStream provides printers with a flexible sheet-fed specialty printing capability. Six-color print capability is ideal for short runs.