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In-mold ABCs covered in March seminar

July 18, 2005

In-mold ABCs covered in March seminar
The newly revised “ABCs of IML: A Basic Course” will be presented March 21, 2002, at the DoubleTree Hotel North Shore, Skokie, IL.
Offered annually since 1989, the seminar is an introductory in-mold labeling (IML) course. It is designed for those considering entry into the IML market as well as a refresher course for more experienced current participants in the field.
The seminar, updated yearly, provides a basic grounding in in-mold labeling as well as the fundamentals of extrusion blow molding, injection IML, the in-mold process, production of in-mold labels, current markets and future growth opportunities. The seminar was recently expanded beyond packaging to include in-mold decoration of durable products.
For details and registration information, contact Ronald Schultz at RBS Technologies Inc.: tel 480-473-0301; fax 480-473-0456; the e-mail address is The seminar outline is available online at