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New technical academy explores flexo: Ron Harper

July 18, 2005

A $40 million high school under construction in Charlotte, NC, promises to create a disciplined program to teach students flexography, offset and screen printing. Plans for the printing program were unveiled in November at a meeting held at the Harper National Flexo Center in Charlotte.
The meeting, organized by Ron Harper, chairman of Harper Corporation of America, was attended by state and regional education officials, printing industry association leaders, flexographic instructors, and Harper personnel.
The school will be called the Philip O. Berry Academy of Technology, and is scheduled for opening in August of this year. David Baldaia, the principal, said it will be a comprehensive high school “offering all traditional academic and athletic programs.” He added that it will “not be the traditional vocational educational institution.”
Indeed, said Baldaia, the name “Academy of Technology” was chosen to stress the nature of the school’s professional disciplines, and to move away from the hackneyed concept of a vocational school. “There will be a rigorous academic program,” he said. “The students will learn real world skills and career technical education.