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AVT trails a closed loop

July 19, 2005

AVT trails a closed loop
color control system
Cylinder pressure and ink viscosity are major components of color control on flexo presses, therefore any change of these control parameters will result in a color variation. Advanced Vision Technology (AVT) in Israel believes that one of its latest web inspection advances can offer an automatic closed-loop method of quickly achieving the required color and holding it throughout the run.
It has developed ReColor based on ink viscosity and cylinder control, which it plans to release at Ipex 2002. After set-up, ReColor checks and analyzes the printed image and compares it to previously stored data of a similar job. It incorporates Delta E, a quality assurance measurement tool for controlling left-to-right pressure balances on each cylinder during make ready. It also gives AVT users an effective communication tool with their customers, who define the job requirements in Delta E language.
Known more for package print inspection systems, AVT aims to target the labeling sector. The PrintVision/ Apollo-Label system is a development of an existing system, designed for 100 percent visual inspection on narrow web presses. During the run, images on press are compared to master images entered at set-up. Random defects and other deviations trigger a visual and/or audio alarm. Tolerances can be set independently to give maximum freedom in job set ups. A background color code, which can be seen from a distance, identifies the fault type.
Users can integrate the PrintVision/ Apollo-Label with a rewinder and other finishing equipment to form a combined automatic inspection station.