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New non-adhesive products

July 19, 2005

New non-adhesive products
Avery Dennison Fasson Roll N.A.
Painesville, OH USA
New introductions include Wet Strength Beverage Labels, V-Max Select and Select Plus grades, 30# MG Easy Release Liner, Faslam LT and 50# C1S Litho. New domestic wet strength labels provide outstanding durability in high-moisture environments, and an exceptionally smooth printing surface for superb graphic reproduction. The new V-Max Select (uncoated) and V-Max Select Plus (coated) offer the same properties of V-Max, but at a lower price. The Select grades are corona treated, while the Select Plus grades feature a one- or two-sided topcoat for enhanced printability. Also new are lightweight silicone coated release liner and a lightweight Litho. In addition, a self-wound overlaminating material, Faslam LT is now available.

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