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Print industry activity continues 4-month rise

July 19, 2005

Print industry activity continues 4-month rise
The National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL), the Paramus, NJ-based trade association for the commercial printing industry, has issued its latest State of the Industry Economic Report with encouraging news that key NAPL business indicators signal that the recession is just about over for print.
The February NAPL Printing Business Index (PBI), the association’s comprehensive measure of printing industry activity, reached 49.2, marking the fourth consecutive month that the PBI has risen from its record low of 33.4 in October 2001, and indicating the start of a significantly improved business trend. A PBI reading above 50.0 signifies that more printers report increasing business activity than report slowing activity. Conversely, an index reading below 50.0 indicates the opposite condition. Reflecting the recession’s impact on the printing industry, the PBI has been tracking below 50.0 since October 2000.
According to NAPL Vice President and Chief Economist Andrew Paparozzi, “Three key NAPL printing industry business indicators derived from our database — general business conditions, work-on-hand, and confidence — have strengthened recently. They don’t suggest that the industry is about to swing from gloom to boom, but they do suggest that the recession is just about over. Also, the February PBI has moved up to 49.2, the highest reading since November 2000.”