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Flint and KeyMaster

July 19, 2005

Flint and KeyMaster
form security alliance
Flint Ink Corp., of Ann Arbor, MI, and KeyMaster Technologies Inc., Kennewick, WA, a leader in the field of counterfeit prevention and brand protection, have announced an agreement to provide “smart” ink and coatings systems to brand-name product manufacturers throughout the world.
The inks and coatings developed under this alliance will contain a hidden code that creates a signature tag when they are applied to products or packaging. Licensed brand owners use these security inks, in conjunction with KeyMaster’s readers, to track and authenticate their products. KeyMaster’s patent-pending elemental taggant technology and portable X-ray fluorescence detection systems allow clients to identify the signature on proprietary products, even through conventional packaging materials.
According to Bruce Kaiser, KeyMaster’s chief technology officer, the tagging technology can ensure the integrity of a brand product from its manufacturing material to its label to its packaging.
As an example, he notes that perfumes are highly susceptible to counterfeiting. A fragrance, for example, “can now be tagged prior to its use in a perfume,” he says. “With additional tags used on labels and packaging, each element of the brand is protected, as is the total brand package.
“Most experts agree that 5 percent or more of the world’s economy is traded in counterfeit goods,” adds Kaiser. “In addition to the obvious loss of revenue and increased liability for brand owners, counterfeiting and unauthorized distribution can significantly damage the value of a brand in the eyes of the consumer. By working together, we believe that Flint Ink and KeyMaster can quickly provide effective product authentication solutions to brand owners.”