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Gravure group creates

July 19, 2005

Gravure group creates
supplier award program
The Packaging & Label Gravure Association (PLGA) has begun a new industry awards program, titled “Technical Achievement Awards for Suppliers to the Gravure Industry for Packaging & Labels.”
The program is intended to recognize and promote new or improved products that enhance the industry’s position relative to other print technologies. Entries will be judged according to five criteria: innovation, capital affordability, operating cost reduction, quality improvement, and safety and/or environmental impact.
Entries must be commercially available in 2002 and the forms must be received by December 31. Each submission must include a photograph or graphic representation along with a product description. Winners will be announced at the PLGA’s annual conference in Clearwater Beach, FL, in February.
For details, contact Bill Klein by telephone at 937-390-2528 or by e-mail at