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Flint Ink and Gebrüder Schmidt complete merger

July 19, 2005

Flint Ink and Gebrüder Schmidt complete merger
The new Flint-Schmidt organization is now one of the largest ink companies in Europe following the completion of the merger between Flint Ink Corporation and German ink manufacturer Gebrüder Schmidt GmbH.
It is based in Frankfurt-am-Main, has a combined work force of approximately 1,400 people, and has revenues of approximately $450 million. As part of the agreement, Gebr. Schmidt’s operations in Canada were acquired to become part of Flint Ink North America.
Jim Mahony, president of Flint Ink Europe, now serves as chief executive officer of Flint-Schmidt in charge of company integration. Helmut Schmidt, former managing director and a principal shareholder of Gebr. Schmidt GmbH, is CEO for the combined organization.