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Grayscale inkjet head

July 19, 2005

Grayscale inkjet head
comes out of the closet
For several years we have been hearing how grayscale-quality inkjet will be the next big breakthrough in digital color printing. One of the noisiest vendors in this field has been Xaar, based in Cambridge, England. Now at last it appears ready to press the button and begin making the special print heads. Or rather, its licensee Toshiba TEC and technical partner in Japan will. Xaar is responsible for marketing and distribution. Production of its more conventional print heads will continue at the Swedish facility near Stockholm.
With this technology, multiple droplets are fired from the same inkjet nozzle in rapid succession, rather than as a single droplet as occurs in binary applications. The droplets merge in flight to form pixels of variable size to gain enhanced resolution effects on film, plastics and