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CRC launches new implementation strategy

July 19, 2005

CRC launches new implementation strategy
CRC Information Systems Inc., of Scottsdale, AZ, a manufacturer of print management software, has begun providing its customers with advanced implementation services that will allow them to make the transition from their current solution to THE System in as little as six weeks. The company says its clients will realize a reduction in implementation time and costs which will help maximize return on investment over a shorter period of time.
“Previously we followed traditional software implementation methods and allowed the customer to determine training deadlines. Ultimately this approach often caused installations to take longer than necessary,” says Jeff Peck, CRC’s general manager of training. “Our new procedures involve advanced preparation with specific completion dates for each client and incorporation of their data during training which helps reduce the learning curve.” CRC’s new strategy allows trainers to be more proactive by establishing a detailed plan of action with the client and constantly monitoring and reinforcing the goals.
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