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NOSCO, BTI unite to promote RSS

July 19, 2005

NOSCO, BTI unite to promote RSS
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Barcode Technology Inc. (BTI) and The NOSCO Printing Group have joined forces to facilitate the bar coding of drugs and medical products with reduced space symbology (RSS) bar codes. BTI’s RSS software package is the standard for setting variants of RSS bar codes.
“As the name implies, RSS bar codes can be small enough to fit on every product in the health care system, down to unit dose,” says Ronald J. Barngurg, senior vice president for BTI, which is based in New York City.
“NOSCO worked with the Uniform Code Council committee during the system testing of RSS codes,” says Russell S. Haraf, president of NOSCO. “We were able to print bar codes set by BTI software on extremely small labels that scanned successfully at hospital bedsides during the testing,” he adds. “Our customers that provide drugs, medical devices and supplies want to make sure that they are in compliance with FDA regulations and contract requirements. They can now access a complete system solution through NOSCO, with BTI’s RSS bar code solutions.”
The NOSCO Printing Group, Gurnee, IL, is a supplier of printed packaging to the pharmaceutical industry, with a line of products that includes cartons, labels and inserts.