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Color change label

July 19, 2005

Color change label
detects damp phones
Well known for its innovative non-commodity labels, such as self-test battery sleeves, Schreiner has come up with another ingenious product. This time the German company’s Schreiner Protech division has introduced Wet Check Labels (WCL). They are supposed to have many technological uses, especially in the telecommunications industry.
One of the more bizarre applications is for a manufacturer of mobile cell phones to affix a WCL label inside the case of phone. Any presence of dampness causes the label to change color. Apparently, this allows the manufacturer or agent to challenge any unjustified claims for a replacement against a user’s guarantee, when in fact the cell phone has been improperly used, or more specifically dropped into water.
While there are several variations available, the standard WCL label reacts to an internal presence of dampness on the basis of a component fault. As soon as the label in the inner part of the device becomes even slightly damp it produces an immediate reaction on the surface. Schreiner can supply the specially constructed labels overprinted with the cell phone’s IMEI identification number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity).