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Inkjet takes on new

July 19, 2005

Inkjet takes on new
anti-counterfeiting role
Possibly for the first time, inkjet technology plays a key role in an anticounterfeiting feature for packaging and labels. The technology was jointly developed by Dotrix in Belgium and the Swiss security specialist AlpVision using its patented Cryptoglyph technology. It creates an encoded digital watermark in the form of indelible pixels that are invisible to the naked eye and which do not affect the document’s design. Users can overprint the Cryptoglyph on any underlying graphical design.
The encoded data is printed on the same print engine used for the dot.factory (“The Dot Factory”). Its SPICE (Single Pass Inkjet Color Engine) is now developed by Dotrix following a management buy out from the former Barco Graphics. An inline version has been adopted by Mark Andy for its new DT Series flexo/inkjet press.
The system combines elements of AlpVision’s software with Dotrix’s InSider frontend for personalized security printing. Data embedded in the Cryptoglyph is said to be easily retrievable with a standard digital scanner and a dedicated software application, but remains difficult to reproduce or decipher. The system relies on mathematical security to encrypt the data. Each user has a personal “secret key” composed of 128 bits for a high level of security. No expensive inks or security papers are required.