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UK report recognizes

July 19, 2005

UK report recognizes
packaging as an industry
The UK’s Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has commissioned the Packaging Federation and Pira International to carry out a study of competitiveness within the packaging industry. The issues studied include regulations, skills and investment in order to assess how they affect British packaging companies compared to their European neighbors.
The research has been welcomed by the industry, which until now has not had a comprehensive stand-alone study. These type of government funded initiatives tend to make little distinction between general printing and the packaging industry. This one has the consultative support of the Confederation of Paper Industries, Metal Packaging and Manufacturers Association and British Glass.
The findings will be reported at a seminar in December, at which the results of the DTI’s e-commerce impact study will also be presented.
The DTI has interviewed four trade bodies and 20 sector companies, as well as questioning a further 188 firms across the packaging value chain. It found that although there was a high take-up of basic e-commerce, like e-mail and web site¡s, the majority of packaging manufacturers had been slow to develop more sophisticated e-business practices, like online ordering.
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