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3M wins security technology award

July 19, 2005

3M wins security technology award
3M’s TamperGard Security Film recently won the award for “Outstanding Achievement in Tamper Evidence” at the Product and Image Security Convention (PISEC), a leading international conference and exhibition for the security printing and packaging industries held in Dublin.
“The features of tamper evidence need to be constantly modified to keep abreast of ever changing threats,” said Mike Fairley, a session chairman at the PISEC conference.
“3M consistently shows an ability to develop new products in the industry, and its TamperGard product is no exception.”
For 3M this is a second time win. At the 2000 conference, the company’s color shifting films were selected as an “Outstanding Achievement in Brand Protection.”
TamperGard security film is based on a proprietary construction. The seal will fracture, show an irreversible color change and reveal a hidden message if tampering is attempted. TamperGard security film also will show visible evidence of slitting or cutting