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Print server,

July 19, 2005

Print server,
RFID kit
SATO America
Charlotte NC USA
The new SATO Wireless Print Server connects SATO printers to 802.11b Wi-Fi compliant networks. With no wired connections, it allows the user to locate or relocate printers without cables. It provides all of the features of a standard, Ethernet-connected print server and SATO’s WPCPlus, without wires. The company also introduced its RFID kit, compatible for SATO CL408e (2) and CL412e (2) printers with serial numbers higher than 20390000. Utilizing high frequency chips embedded in the labels, the kit enables the printers to print a label and program the chip inside simultaneously. Consisting of an interface card and transmitter module, it currently works with chips manufactured by Texas Instruments (TagIt) and Phillips (I-Code).

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