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Esko-Graphics donates

July 19, 2005

Esko-Graphics donates
software to college
Esko-Graphics, of Kennesaw, GA, has donated prepress software to Dunwoody College of Technology’s Graphics and Printing Technologies Department. The school is in Minneapolis.
The software will be used to instruct students about packaging-specific workflows, running jobs through the workflow system and sending 1-bit tiff files from FlexRip, with Esko-Graphics screening, to third-party imagesetters.
Esko-Graphics was created last year by the merger of Barco Graphics and Purup-Eskofot.
“We’re a non-profit institution, yet we pride ourselves in assuring that students work with up-to-date technology. In this light, we appreciate Esko-Graphics’ willingness to donate a significant amount of software,” says Pete Rivard, Dunwoody principal instructor in digital imaging.