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Northwest Coatings receives label patent

July 19, 2005

Northwest Coatings receives label patent
Northwest Coatings, of Oak Creek, WI, has been awarded a US patent covering UV/EB laminated labels for use on pharmaceutical and food grade products.
According to a company statement, prior to this invention the migration of adhesive components was found to be an issue for UV laminated pressure sensitive paper labels used on HDPE containers stored for long periods under non-refrigerated conditions. In some cases laminating adhesive components were identified as the source of tainted odor and taste in products such as bottled water.
One monomer that was linked to taste and odor problems was HDODA. While it is a fairly simple matter to remove HDODA from a UV laminating adhesive, it was found that many types of common monomers used to replace HDODA could also migrate through polyolefin containers.
Northwest Coatings discovered new monomer technology that was highly resistant to migration through the containers. In addition to low migration properties, these adhesives provide excellent bonding and very low odor characteristics. This patented technology is being used in a family of Northwest Coatings UV and EB laminating adhesive products. This adhesive is now being specified by some converters of bottled water labels.