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X-ident joins

July 19, 2005

X-ident joins
‘smart label’ integration group
For a relatively young company, X-ident GmbH has seen plenty of action on the take-over front. It was one of the first companies in Europe to develop special materials for producing smart labels, tickets and tags based on RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. It is now owned by Trierenberg Holdings in Austria, which bought the company to complement its automatic identification systems division. This includes Tricon, an ID systems integrator and Enterlein, set-up to develop and produce smart labels and tickets.
Previously it was owned by speciality paper converter Schleipen & Erkens, which in early 2001 acquired the RFID division of Sihl GmbH in Dueren, Germany. Sihl’s pioneering work began in 1998 when it developed IQ-Paper, initially used for smart tags and labels to track documents, multi-use containers and parcels, as well as for transport applications and high value event tickets. Ralf Sander, who was originally with Sihl, is CEO of X ident.