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grafikAmerica announces

July 20, 2005

grafikAmerica announces
corporate name change
graphiKontrol America, of York, PA, has changed its name to grafikAmerica. The company represents several businesses in the printing and packaging industries.
The firm was formed by Ward Walsh in 1980 for the sales and service of the grafiKontrol product line. The new name reflects the expansion of the company’s product line.
The companies represented by grafikAmerica and their niches include: grafiKontrol (register control, defect detection and closed loop color), New Celio (viscosity/ink blending and control, and color control), Visiscan (100 percent substrate inspection), Eltex (ESA, e-field drying, and web remoistening), NIRA (residual solvent analysis, LEL testing), and Elettra (blanket wash systems).
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