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Chemsultants receives award for the 2nd time

July 20, 2005

Chemsultants receives award for the 2nd time
Chemsultants International Network, Mentor, OH, has been awarded the Weatherhead 100 Award for 2002. Chemsultants first received a Weatherhead 100 award in 2001.
The award, presented by the Weatherhead School of Business of Case Western Reserve University, recognizes Chemsultants as one of the top 100 fastest, most consistent growth companies in Northeast Ohio.
The growth of Chemsultants International Network has been driven since its inception by the contract development of new products and technology. Chemsultants has focused its efforts in the development and commercialization of adhesive and coatings technology used in a wide variety of industries.
Chemsultants International has developed expertise in a number of new services, including training and education, as well as private client market research and market opportunity analysis. The company is well known in the label converting industry for its capabilities in the areas of product development and testing, adhesive coating processes and testing instrumentation.
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