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Recycling firm focuses

July 20, 2005

Recycling firm focuses
on adhesive foil stocks
Connecticut Metal Industries has developed a proprietary process for recycling of adhesive-coated tapes and labels, according to VP Bill Bailey.
The company, based in Monroe, CT, has recovered 12 million pounds per year of aluminum from foil laminate scrap over the past 18 years, Bailey says. Now the firm has begun purchasing trim scrap, production scrap and overruns of foil tape, labels, and film/foil laminates for recovery. The new process involves cryogenic grinding to prepare the scrap.
“Any material with more than 30 percent aluminum or copper foil can be economically recycled,” says Tom Mele, president. “Connecticut Metal Industries currently purchases scrap throughout North America, either picked up at the converter’s plant or delivered to Piscataway, NJ; Chicago, or Memphis, TN.
Details are available by calling the company at 203-268-5909. The e-mail address is