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to make conductive ink

July 20, 2005

to make conductive ink
Flint Ink, Ann Arbor, MI, has launched a separate business unit called Precisia LLC, which will produce conductive and advanced printing inks, and printed electronics technology and processes. The new subsidiary will be responsible for building the company’s radio frequency identification (RFID) business, in addition to other printed electronics applications, including “smart” packaging, printed electronics, lighting and displays.
Conductive inks, which contain particles of conductive silver and/or carbon, can serve as channels for the wireless flow of electronic signals. The most well-known application for conductive inks is in antennas for RFID, a next-generation coding technology. Conductive inks are also used in “smart” labeling and packaging applications.
At Precisia’s helm is President Jim Rohrkemper, who was previously vice president, Emerging Business Segments at Flint Ink. “The demand for RFID, intelligent packaging and other printed electronics applications has been intense since the announcement earlier this year of our decision to invest in conductive and advanced materials and markets,” says Rohrkemper. The company will open a resource center within 10 miles of Flint Ink’s headquarters