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New anilox engraving launched at Stork

July 20, 2005

New anilox engraving launched at Stork
Stork Materials Technology, Milwaukee, WI, has announced the development of HQP laser engraving technology for anilox rolls.
According to Mat Jones, sales and marketing manager for Stork Cellramic, the new engraving process produces durable, easy-to-clean, high line screen and high volume anilox rolls.
“The HQP laser does not consume gases like a conventional CO2 laser, nor does it use a lamp like the YAG laser that Stork developed in 1996. Instead, the HQP uses a solid-state media to generate the laser,” says Jones.
“The HQP laser is capable of engraving line screen up to 2300 lines per inch with very hard and smooth cell walls,” he adds.
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